Monday, December 16, 2013

Base Degrees on What We Know, Not How Long We Spent in a Classroom

What does a college degree really tell employers about how much an applicant knows? In the 21st Century global economy do we need a better signal than the existing standard, the college degree. Featured on Linkedin, Jeff Selingo suggests that more colleges shift from measuring learning based on how much time students spend in a classroom to a system based on how much they actually know. Sounds like he is in step with the AAEES approach for demonstrating mastery of a subject through rigorous examinations administered by individuals who are practitioners and thought leaders.

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  1. Degree is not about we sit in the class for the whole day but degree is based hat you learn and how much knowledge you have because the higher and quality education of assignment expert built the ability min the people to polish their abilities and also to spread their knowledge with others.